Alone you protect a tree. Together, we protect the forest.

Thank you for being part of HUGAmazonia!

Upon making your contribution, you have joined our forces to save Brazil´s Amazonia ecosystem, preserving the fauna, flora and its local community. As a way of thanking, HUGAmazonia gifts you with a very special bracelet, made in the state of Pará, Brazil, where our headquarter is located.

The wood from the bracelet was taken from the Taquari bush (Mabea taquari Aubl), that belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family, abundant in the north of Brazil. But don’t worry, the tree is not cut or harmed in the collection of the material, in which offers 6 branchings of wood for each knot.

Manufactured by the rural community from Mosqueiro Island, The Wand of Conquest brings Pará’s culture to you. The artisans families hold specific craftmanships that has endured generations, which they call “embroidery”, and make use of them in this wand. The people believe thet the wand holds magical features, working as a love catalyst – you just need to touch your loved one and it will retribute this feeling.( see more at Google – “varinha da conquista”)

The cord is made of the Miriti’s wood fiber – considerably used in various types of Pará’s local crafts, specially at Círio de Nazaré.

HUGAmazônia retributes your care for the Amazon Forest with a gift from its core, spreading the love for sustainability, the fauna, the flora and for the green. Congratulations for being part of this cause! Together, we can all save the whole florest.

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