Alone you protect a tree. Together, we protect the forest.

Our sustainable development initiatives are carried out considering three criteria, which must coexist with the same level of importance:

  • It must be done in an environmentally sound manner;
  • It must provide fair social gain;
  • It must be economically viable.

HUGAmazonia protects the Rainforest trees by inviting the local and international communities to join us in making a difference because, in addition to being good and necessary, it is also the only way people will truly value the Living Forest. A fair remuneration allows the Rainforest not to be transformed or replaced by other assets.

Here is how we do it

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HUG identifies areas with potential risk of deforestation.

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HUG identifies the landowner.

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HUG subsidizes the maintenance of the territory so that it is not deforested (grants value to the Living Forest). The landowner can count on a direct and immediate remuneration, which will help and motivate him to preserve the region.

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HUG identifies, measures, locates and photographs trees with a circumference greater than 150 cm located in the area.

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HUG offers, through our website, the possibility of the international community to participate in the protection and monitoring of the Amazon Rainforest.

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HUG invites everyone to collaborate with the environmental preservation cause through a contribution, corresponding to a monthly subscription of U$ 4, which covers the protection of one tree. This subscription may be cancelled at anytime, within 15 days from the following due date, by accessing Certificate and clicking “Cancel”.